I’ve done a bit of knitting this week, and the Nantucket Jacket has the armhole shaping done and will now continue straight to the shoulder. In the larger sizes, you end up with the cables clustered together in the middle of broad fields of seed stitch. A different, and less appealing, look. On the fronts, I may do the decreases in the seed stitch panels rather than on the edges as the pattern is written.

So often larger sizes are merely calculated, and never knitted up to see just how they’ll work.

Today I am torn. I have work to do, and probably ought to do it. I also want to carry on with my summer classes: tailoring a jacket and baking pastry. I would like to go back and try to find the trail I didn’t find last week.

I also have a bookcase to put together and furniture to move around in order to get the former kids’ rooms to be completely functional office and sewing rooms.

My husband thinks we should move to a smaller place now that the kids are grown. We still have two in college, though, and I’m not completely certain they won’t be coming home. We’re talking about having #2 daughter spend some time down here beginning next year, too, when she starts up with the business full time. And of course we still have two dogs, one a fairly big dog.

Perhaps when the business has a space of its own someplace.

In the meantime, I want the two rooms to be usable. A couple of weeks ago I spent Saturday putting shelves together, and I guess I need to do that again. I also need to get the bed out of the office.

There is also housework to do, and I have several new books to read.

This is actually a nice dilemma to have. I can be productive and work on interesting and challenging projects, do some physical work or play, or lounge about reading and knitting. Nice choices.

#1 son is coming over at 10:30 to borrow the car and I promised I’d have all my errands done by then. That at least settles the question of how the day will begin. If I get dressed and have breakfast pretty soon here, I can do a bit of hiking and then stop by the bank and the grocery on the way home.

I can then have a shower and do the next lesson in tailoring, have lunch, clean house, read for an hour or two, and start the furniture moving just as my husband gets home from work.

He will be so aghast at how badly I do it that he’ll help me.

Then I can bake him some choux pastry in appreciation.