Saturday June 25, 2005

The bad squares on the quilt, O puzzle fans, were numbers 9, 15, 17, and 21. I will be working today, and I have run out of thread, but I hope to be able to do my repair work tomorrow. We have had too many sleepover guests for me to be able to do much sewing anyway. I don’t mind running the sewing machine while my family are trying to do things, but I have to draw the line for guests.
I was reading the new books yesterday at work (looking for a good book for your pre-teens or young teens? Consider No More Dead Dogs) and came upon an item in a reading comprehension book called “The Joy of Camping.” This explained how to set up your campsite.
Here’s what you do. Upon arrival at the campsite, you set up the tent, the Camp Kitchen Area, and the Personal Care Area.
I bet I’ve gone camping a hundred times, and have never done this.
CheriM camps with tutus and bathrobes, and Feebeeglee is going to camp in late medieval Irish clothing, so they may very well begin their stay at the campsite by setting up these three essential areas.
We just set up the tent, and go swimming.

This is one of our favorite camping places, a nearby lake. There are several lakes nearby. This one has the advantage of bathhouses and restrooms built by the WPA. It also had, last time we went, this cardboard canoe.
Perhaps the fact that we camp at places with plumbing is why we do not set up a Personal Care Area. Our campsite is through the trees on the left. You cannot see it, being as it is in the forest. When you get up in the morning, though, and poke up the fire and put the kettle on, you can walk down through the trees to the lake. There is a pier to fish from, or just to sit on as you watch the mist rise off the water and everything wakes up.
My car broke down yesterday. I was driving along, I put in the clutch in order to turn into the parking lot at work, and the pedal was not connected to anything. It was hanging loose. I turned, but mere momentum did not get me up the hill.
Drivers behind me were confused. They stopped, as though perhaps I had stopped my car because I wanted to talk with them. I turned off the car and was able to coax it into first, which allowed me to limp up the hill and into a parking space. That is where my car still is.
In general, I am happy with my life choices. But when I have car trouble (which happens as often as you would expect, given that I drive an 11-year-old car with over 100,000 miles on it), I cannot help thinking about the fact that The Empress, when she has car trouble, takes her car to the mechanic and has it back the next day. I must wait for my husband to fix it.
Fortunately, it is a good time for walking to and from work. It is not yet insanely busy, though the Poster Queen gives it another week tops, and it is not yet in triple digit temperatures, though #2 daughter says it will be in the upper 90s today.
And I am very thankful that this happened as I was turning in to work, and not out at the lake, or on the freeway in Kansas City, or any of the other distant destinations I have been to recently.






3 responses to “Saturday June 25, 2005”

  1. Elephantgirl66 Avatar

    It looks beautiful there!! The camping sounds fun, especially with the bathroom facilities!!

  2. Leonidas Avatar

    that looks like a wonderful view…

  3. sighkey Avatar

    There’s nothing wrong with old cars – unless there’s something wrong with them that is  I have not owned a new car yet. Problem was that all my previous cars were British-made and it is now near impossible to get the parts for them. I finally had to give in and get a Japanese car – it’s 12 years old and ageing. Living by the sea means that our cars generally die of rusting before the engine or mechanics go.

    I like the idea of prayer shawls – shawls, like woolly blankets have a great deal of comfort value but the shawls are prettier.

    Temperature in the high 90s, that is the equivalent of mid to high 30s in celsius. Oh terrific – we’re lucky if we make it to 12 (approx 54) here at the moment.