#1 son and I came up with a good quilt block for him, and I’ve wasted quite a bit of time this morning trying to find a picture of it — or better yet, a pattern for it.

I found the design in a book called something like 500 Quilt Blocks. Maybe 5,000 Quilt Blocks. I’m too lazy to go look at it right now, and I wouldn’t want to link to it because it’s not very useful. It shows the block, but not with the pieces marked. Not only do you have to draft the pattern yourself, but you have to figure out how to divide the blocks into pieces.

Usually, I just find the block in this book and then look it up online. However, this block is supposedly called “9 patch frame” and Google has not been able to find such a pattern for me. Nor have I been able to find a block that looks like this anywhere online.

Geometry is in my future.

However, I am going to start today with the continuation of the STP (Summer Top Project). I have only one more week of summer school to teach, but I probably have a couple more months of summer, and I still have fabric bought for the purpose.

So last night I cut, gathered, basted and pinned so I’d be ready to sew up another Weekender Sunshine Top this morning.

I like the first one I made. This is a sort of iffy fabric. I bought it on the basis of a small swatch photo online. I saw that it had yummy colors and pretty swirls. I didn’t see that it was one of those weird faux-patchwork prints that old ladies wear.

Maybe I’m old enough to wear them.

The fabric also doesn’t feel very nice, another issue with buying fabrics online.

Still, I’m going to sew this up, and wear it, too. Then I’ll get on to that quilt.