My husband had to get up early to go to work, so I was up at 4:30 working on my educational website. This is one of those internet ventures that has no clear path to profitability. I think it’s worth doing — it grew out of the Dextr xanga, which still gets thousands of visits a week even though I haven’t been blogging there for a year. Dextr was sponsored by a school supply store, while the new site, FreshPlans, has no sponsor and is therefore a volunteer effort.

It’s doing some things for my company, providing a lab for SEO experimentation and a showcase for our growing multimedia skills, but mostly it’s just a nice thing for teachers.

We are using it to learn about affiliate marketing. We signed up as Amazon affiliates. Over 500 individuals have clicked through to Amazon from the site so far this month, and we’ve earned a grand total of $10.65, so we can see that this is not a fast road to riches. Lostarts had shared her experience as an Amazon affiliate with me, so I wasn’t expecting to get rich quick, but there do seem to be people who earn well by this method. I’ll let you know if we learn how.

#1 daughter sees paid membership (like Enchanted Learning) as the way to go, and I sort of think that I could get together with my graphic artist buddy in the Philippines and make wonderful worksheet collections to sell as e-books. The Computer Guy thinks we should sell ads. However, all these things require that we wait for the traffic to increase pretty significantly. The site has been up for two months now, and we’ve gone from three visits on an average day to 50, so this doesn’t seem impossible.

My goal is for the site to pay for its own hosting. I can see my time there as volunteer work and a learning experience, but I don’t really want to be out the cost of hosting. We’re almost halfway there.

I have to write several articles this morning — I was intending to get them done yesterday, but Things Happened. I’m involved in some interesting projects and have a website about to launch (the client wants some last-minute graphic changes), and there kept being emails and phone calls and stuff to deal with. So I still have those articles to write. Once that’s been done, though, I intend to do housework and sewing. Possibly knitting and lolling about as well. Groceries will have to be acquired at some point, too.

Articles first.