I never did get my divs to behave, in case you were wondering. Having looked through the textbook and all the friendly books I have on the subject, I turned to the CSS Pocket Reference, which said the following:

For nonroot elements, if the element’s position value is relative or static, the containing block is formed by the content edge of the nearest block-level, table, cell- or inline-block ancestor box…The equation that governs the layout of these elements is left + margin-left + border-left-width + padding-left + width + padding-right + border-right-width + margin-right + right = width of containing block.

The book says lots more stuff along those lines, too. It sounds as though it probably contains the solution to my problem, but it didn’t actually help.

I met with a client about a website.

Then I went on to class. There, for a final day of class treat, we had pizza and cookies and I read out the most amusing of the in-class essays. The topic (chosen by the class’s vote) was male and female differences in shopping.

The most popular thesis in the class was that men are better at shopping than women. Men, the writers said, were efficient. They had a mission when they went shopping, a target, and they went out and found the thing they needed and bought it. Women went shopping with no clear goal in mind, and ended up spending lots of time shopping and might either not find what they needed or spend more than they should.

The next most popular thesis was that women were better at shopping than men. Women enjoyed shopping, made the most of it, and had the patience to find the perfect thing at the best price.

Some of the essays were amusing and well-argued. Today I have to grade the rest of the papers, calculate grades, and input said grades. Not fun.

Yesterday’s class was fun, though, and then I went home and had a strategic discussion with my software company guy and wrote the website. Then I went with #1 son and bought him a bike for his transportation to school next term. He has a car, but it’s older than he is and becoming very unreliable, so a bicycle seems like a good choice, and he found a good used one at a good price. It was about a hundred degrees out, but the bike wouldn’t fit in the car, so he had to ride it home.

I stopped off at the used bookstore, so that I would pass him on the way home in case he was having heatstroke needed help, but he beat me back to the house.

A phone meeting with another client finished up the workday, and then I was so tired that I just sat on the couch watching a Netflix till the girls arrived. It was Slings and Arrows, a Canadian series. I enjoyed it, in an exhausted sort of way.

Today I have those papers to grade, and grocery shopping to do, and of course the planned family garage cleanup. I also have to catch up on my homework for the class I’m taking — I have two projects due today. I plan to spend time with my kids, even if that time is cleaning out the garage time, and the girls and I intend to get on with the next step in our business plan. I also have to get in a couple of hours for the Australians.

It doesn’t really sound like a very frolicsome day, does it?