We made it to the Big City, and I am sitting on #2 daughter’s sofa with her laptop. She is sitting on the floor with her other laptop, checking out the new offerings at i can haz cheezburgers. #1 daughter is drying her hair. We’re going to #2’s rehearsal and then to a museum. If you have a to-do list going for your life, you should add “Acquire daughters” to it.


We had some minor touristy adventures, and then last night #2 daughter and I knocked out the part of our book proposal that we needed face time for.


I think we can do most of it online or on  the phone if we need music. But this part is the design: what the pages are for and how they should look. There was a point in the discussion when #2 daughter, being a visual person, needed a marker board. She doesn’t have one, so she went and got a big piece of paper.

Client #2 knows ahead of time that he’ll need a marker board.

That’s my small piece of paper in the forground. I drew out the plan for the pages. #2 daughter waved her arms around and made multcolored notes on her big paper. We had a computer as well. There was consulting of reference books and a bit of desultory singing. #1 daughter got sick of it and went out to find Frozen Chai Lattes.

We’ve got a plan.

Client #2’s blog and newsletter went out on schedule and looking good, Client #6 sent a happy email response to this week’s report, and of course I am nowhere near my house to do any housework or anything, so I intend just to have fun.

You have fun, too, okay?