Someone (Margaret Mead? Shirley Jackson? Agatha Christie?) once said that it wasn’t wonderful to have nothing to do — it was wonderful to have lots to do and not do it.

I’m trying not to give in to the temptation to have a day like that, but I really want to.

I have been doing the stuff I’m supposed to do.

I went to Target instead of the grocery store proper or the farmers market, which is more fun but takes too long. The reason for this is that we have fresh veg in the garden and my husband bought meat, something he does when our protein choices have gotten too girly. Since I didn’t have to buy fresh goods, then, I was able to take advantage of the lower prices on things like bread and eggs at Target, and thus fit a new shelf into the grocery budget.

My bookshelf (bought for $20 at a neighbor’s yard sale and carried home several years ago) collapsed. I therefore have books all over my office floor. I also have other things which didn’t get put up when we moved stuff around for the new desk: laptop bags, yarn, envelopes, stuff like that.

So I bought this thing, but in black to match the new desk:

I now have to put it together and put things onto it to get my office in shape.

That’s not what I was going to tell you about Target. I was going to tell you that while I was there, shopping and talking on my cell phone like a completely different kind of person, I bought this:

I had read about Rachael Ray in a snarky book of essays. She sounds like one of those girls who ride ATVs and wrassle with their brothers, or whatever is the Northeastern equivalent. However, she cooks things like Cashew Arugula Pesto. This might be an irresistible combination for some people.

It’s a strange cooking magazine, though. It has articles on how to look good in shorts and cosmetics spreads and stuff like that which has little to do with cooking, as well as things on parties which seem rather fun. I am not likely to be at a 4th of July party with anyone who will be willing to “role-play our break-up with England,” but if such people happened to be at the party I would totally enjoy it.

Total enjoyment is not on the docket for today, though. After the shopping, I wrote up a grant for a homeless shelter. I hope it works for them. I should also write the scripts for our videos, do linkbuilding, put that shelf together, clean house, and blog for my foreigners.

However, I may take a break and go read more of the snarky book, reveling in the fact that I have so much to do and am not doing it.