We’re through the first week of summer school. My class is going well. We’ve discussed the writing process, worked on getting from a topic to a thesis, practiced brainstorming and then organizing our thoughts before we start, and had our little talks on plagiarism, vocabulary, and spelling.

I got caught up from spending last weekend at the conference and taking Memorial Day off. I did this by working way too much. However, I have otherwise been fairly good with my attempts at normal life. I’ve spent 30 minutes with Wii Fit every day, I made it to choir practice , and I sewed this little bag.

I actually had a lot of trouble with it. Not with the basic construction, which was straightforward, but with getting the zipper in.

I just flat couldn’t figure out the directions. #2 daughter, who has that kind of brain, also couldn’t figure them out.

Eventually, I just had to guess. The picture at right shows how I ended up doing it.

That’s before I did the topstitching, so it’s slouchier than in its finished state.

It’s still pretty slouchy, though. I made this from a nice little piece of paisley printed faux suede in the fabric hand me downs box. It’s soft and pretty, but may not really have enough structural integrity to be completely practical. Maybe I should open the lining and slip in some buckram or something.

The lining fabric was also in the hand me downs box. You just wouldn’t believe how much fabric there was in there, actually, all in browns and blues. I think I can make two or three SWAPs from that amount of fabric.

So today, having practiced zippers and topstitching on the purse, I believe I will return to my nice blue linen jacket and do its topstitching, and possibly go on ahead and do the matching skirt with its zipper. I also have a pair of beige linen pants sewn up except for the zipper and waistband.

I have completed three tops for the SWAP and have several more items in various stages of completion. I must do things like housework and grocery shopping today, but I plan to do some sewing as well.

Tonight I’m going out with the ladies of the choirlet for CD’s farewell party, My husband’s gone to a tournament and I don’t expect any guests. So it’s a good day for sewing.