Saturday June 6, 2009

The cleaner came yesterday while I was in class. #2 son says that she looked at the laundry room and said, “Oh my God.” This was part of his complaining to me about having hired her. My husband also was pretty negative about it. All three of the men in the house are highly disapproving.

To me, it seems that the fact that the cleaner says, “Oh, my God,” is evidence that we need her. We’re also talking about $50 a month here, a sum which many people spend in a restaurant each week. I was working on oDesk while they were complaining, so I just responded briefly and grimly and kept typing.

This is what I’ll be doing today as well. I have six hours of blogging to do. This is an oDesk client, and I’m set up with him for six hours a week. I agreed to get twenty posts to him by Tuesday, and I don’t think I can do them all in six hours, so I have to get as much as possible done before the week ends, or I’ll be working for free at the end of the time.

I also have to finish the week’s homework for my class, take a quiz, call the chocolatier to discuss the proposal, and get the grocery shopping done.

Last night was the rehearsal for the choirlet. We’re working on a set for a charity function, and we made some good progress. It was fun, too. That is a very fun group.

#2 son is also working today. He’s coaching little girls in gymnastics. He’s been surprised by how much he enjoys it.






One response to “Saturday June 6, 2009”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    I am on your side in this matter of the cleaner. The way to counteract that “Oh my god” reaction to your laundry room would be to drive her over here to my house and let her get a look at a real mess. You’re welcome to do that if you like. [There is no way to counteract the reaction of your three in-house males. Feh on that.]

    I hope you get everything on that long, long list done by the various deadlines; I’m cheering you on from afar.