6 I think I get some of my best ideas while walking.

It was while I was walking that it struck me that I needed to simplify my thoughts on these conversations with Client #6. It is true that most of my reports to clients say things like, “See these excellent results you couldn’t have gotten without me” or “Here’s some information you did not previously have.” When talking with the Chief Technical Officer of a company that has crossed the two million mark in links (yep, Thursday night), I don’t have anything like that to say.

But the real message in a report to a client must surely be, “You are not wasting your money.” Client #6 is not having me do a link campaign because he doesn’t know about SEO, but because he doesn’t have time. Nor does he have anyone in his firm who is paid to do that. He’s on page 2 of Google for a particular search term that he feels he should be ranking for, and it irritates him. His board kind of feels like a company with two million links shouldn’t be paying for a link-building campaign.

So when he called me yesterday while I was on my walk, I jumped right in and told him that I was making three high-quality requests per hour (I didn’t do the math for him, but that’s what it comes to), and that — while I wouldn’t 6 normally even have checked for results yet — I had a couple of links visible already, which struck me as a good sign. I know, and he knows, that most people he could have hired would not be achieving that rate on requests (I can read really fast, you see), and also that organic links wouldn’t be targeted that well, so he could feel that he is getting his money’s worth. He said that what I was doing was great. We wrapped up the conversation quickly, praise be.

It is true that I have signed a two-month contract with his company, but I remembered that he had said we’d try it for a week and see. Yesterday, it seemed to me, was his opportunity to say that I just didn’t seem like a real Computer Guy and he was going to take back his contract. He didn’t do that.

6 It was therefore with a sense of calm that I went out after dinner to read. Last year one of the Summer Reading Challenges was to show where we read, so I am showing you where I read last night.

And, since the chair isn’t the exciting part of the place where I was reading, I am also showing you the views from that reading spot. Upwards there is a New Dawn rose. Downwards is a nice little forest of melissa and peppermint. Ahead is the vegetable garden, with clover and a good hedge of honeysuckle beyond.

The garden needs weeding pretty badly.

I was reading irreligion by John Allen Paulos. If you were considering reading The God Delusion, you should read this instead, because it is better argued and includes all the same points (except for the completely looney ones, which you won’t miss). I am sorry to say, though, that there is absolutely nothing new in this book. I am a long-time fan of Paulos, and I enjoy a good mathematical argument as much as the next woman, but even I have gotten tired of reading this stuff.6

I don’t quite get why these books are still being published, in fact, if they are all going to say the same things. Perhaps publishers should say, “Well, yes, nice little discussion of coincidence there, but it’s already been done eighty-six times, three of those times by you, so why not come up with something new instead?”

And yes, if you throw out the Bible and all personal experience (which Paulos, like Dawkins, does a priori) and try to prove the existence of God mathematically, you may well fail. If you try to disprove the existence of God mathematically, you will also fail, as Paulos concedes. Paulos quickly points out that you can’t disprove the existence of anything mathematically, and gets back to criticizing the creationists, which is hardly fair. Creationism isn’t an argument for God. And Paulos doesn’t include my own favorite arguments for the existence of God, though he references books that include them.

No reason that he should particularly write about the stuff I find convincing (indeed, there is probably every reason for him not to do so). I was sort of expecting him to do something more than, or at least other than, 6calculations abot the anthromorphic principle, though.

I would like to say that I am not going to be working today, but that would be a lie. I am meeting today with Client #7, and I woke up shortly before 5:00 thinking about that meeting and had to get up and work on it a bit. I would like all my clients who need new websites to let Client #2 design and host for them. However, since I have not yet brought myself to pay for that, I can’t exactly argue with them about their preferences for using free site hosting services. It just means that I have to find a good fit, choose the right template, and design it for them. I may do mine as well, and then I can have it redone when I am confident enough of my self-employment to spring for Client #2’s fees.

The good thing about excessive work for freelance people, though, is that it is at least possible that I will earn more money because of it.

 However, I intend also to see to my home today and to attend a party and do stuff like that.