Still coping with insomnia over here, but I have high hopes for a return to normalcy. Soon.

What kind of goal is that?

Actually, not a bad one at all, for someone who has been suffering from excessive excitement. I seem to have finished with my movie-like adventure. Yesterday I had a major breakthrough in my computer work. It is as though someone were trying to learn to knit, and they hadn’t figured out that you are supposed to turn around at the end of the row and go the other way. Chances are, nobody is going to think to tell them that. Fortunately, my mother gave me a clue that allowed me to unravel a whole chunk of the problems.

Forgive the mixed metaphors.

Anyway, once it’s light, I intend to get the cleaning and errands done as early as possible so I can do some sewing today. I also intend to go to #2 son’s gymnastics class, taking my knitting along.704Bijoux

I watched “What Not to Wear” last night, and they were again speaking out against boxy sweaters. I was knitting the Bijoux Blouse, which is so far a big rectangle, and is obviously going to be as boxy as they come. The victim in the program last night said, “I know it’s boxy, but it’s such a nice sweater.” The tormenters — hosts, rather — made faces at her. She was a mom who never bought new clothes, and wore mostly jeans and boxy sweaters. Like me.

It’s all princess seams in the sewing I have planned for today, though.

I may be aspiring to return to my old, normal, mom-type existence, but I am at least attempting to add a modicum of stylishness. Enough for conferences. I can wear my boxy sweaters for the computer work.

The book I am reading, A Pour Way to Die, is quite dull. Not dull enough to cure my insomnia, but too dull for you to want to read it. You would think that a book including a dead body and a couple of doomed romances and  stuff would be interesting just because of the events, but Mr. Myers is able to make it all stultifying. I should have been reading him during my adventures, perhaps, rather than Joe Keenan. Joe Keenan is the nearest thing to P.G. Wodehouse writing today, assuming that you are willing to give up the whole harmless British heterosexual aspect of Wodehouse.

Tea. Tea may help. I’ll go put the kettle on.

Okay. I have had some tea. Birds are singing. Any minute now I will leave the computer and go scrub things.

I must first show you this. Go ahead. Click on it. There is some stunning jewelry there. The words are all in Spanish, and the artist has not limited her comments to “Yo soy X,” “Tengo X,” and “Le puedo ayudar?”, so I have no idea what the words say. It’s beautiful stuff, though.

Most of the knitting blogs seem to be sticking with pictures of yarn today. I cannot complain, as I have posted only a picture of a pattern. Still, this fact will make it easier for me to get to my scrubbing.

Enjoy your weekend!