With Feebeeglee’s kind measurements (she has a baby handy, and if you haven’t looked at her pictures, go give yourself an AAAaawwww! moment by doing so) and Silfert’s helpful stitch suggestion, I have been able to redo the second baby hat successfully. I’m about to begin decreases — as soon as I finish housework and grocery shopping.

Aqua invited me to her place for a Cajun cooking class today with the divine Myrdis, whose basic approach is to divide the wine equally between the pan and the cook, but I think I will resist the temptation. I think I will be driving to KC the next three weekends, so I have got to do some domestic catching up this weekend. I must also finish this baby hat for tomorrow’s baby shower.

You guys are so good at the new parlor game! I hope more of you will display your skill. Go to yesterday’s comments to read the ones that have already been done.

The game needs a name, and I see Sighkey’s point, that I should give it one, but I don’t think I have skillz in that direction. It could be the Advance Game, or the Game of Mixed Plots. Or Struggles. Any thoughts?