Our singing gig was fun, and there was a potluck, too. I like potlucks, because they’re so mysterious. Is this tofu? Jello with broccoli? Who knows?

When I got home, I found that my husband had put a kettle on and fallen asleep. The kettle had burnt through the bottom and was on fire. The house was filled with smoke. The smoke alarms were going off. My husband was fast asleep.

He’s lucky I got there when I did.

Now the house is full of smoke.

It’s a work day for both of us. I’m trying not to panic over the amount of work that I have. After all, it’s Saturday. Normal people aren’t at work, so at least some of my customers won’t even know that I didn’t get their stuff done last night. They’ll come in on Monday and it’ll be done, and all will be well.

My house won’t be clean and the grocery shopping won’t be done, but we can’t have everything in this life.