Happy Pi Day!
I’m going to make pies today, actually. Quiche for breakfast, and a lemon or lime pie for dinner. because it’s either that or sing the Pi Song all day long.

I had a plan to sleep in, but my husband had to go to work, so that was not to be. So I got up at 4:30 and made his coffee, and did some updates on web content that had been waiting for me, and responded to an email from my Aussies and checked out my new Twitter followers — but here’s the difference: now I can go back to bed and read for a bit if I want to.

I might even fall asleep, though usually once I’m up, I’m up.

In my whining about how tired and sleep-deprived I am, I may have failed to mention that my husband is also getting up at 4:30, and then he goes and makes ratchets for ten hours.

I plan to do the grocery shopping today, and to visit Partygirl and a local client, and to do some knitting and sewing and cleaning. I may also make a storyboard for my new SWAP, and possibly even get started on it — organizing and cutting, at least.

Last night I swatched with the Wonderwool.
It’s not as soft as it looks, presumably because of the acrylic content, but   it’s still very nice. I started it on size 6 needles, with a gauge of about 16 st/10 cm, and then switched to size 3, which brought it down to 20 st/10 cm. This means that I can use this for “Salt Peanuts,” which was the next project I was planning to make anyway. So it’s really not a bulky yarn, more just worsted weight.

I haven’t given up on the Doctor’s bag, but it’s the Epic Project, so I was needing a Zombie one, and this should be perfect.

Salt Peanuts is this pretty little cardigan from Interweave.

It’s in the book The Best of Interweave Knits.

Since yesterday, I’ve added a couple of things to my work schedule for next week. The Computer Guy and I are meeting with a new client on Tuesday. He says he thinks she needs petting. Like a cat, presumably. I’ll be interested to see how he approaches that. We’re also going to join forces to do some on-site optimization for my Aussies. They’ve been a bit frustrating, and probably a bit frustrated as well, because they haven’t been able to get the on-site optimization done. My giving them a plan doesn’t actually get results if none of the suggestions are implemented, but naturally they feel as though it’s not working. It’s not working in the same way that a diet doesn’t work if you don’t follow it. I’m also going to a training session The Computer Guy is doing for some folks who’ve hired me for a few hours of strategizing. And then my Northerners want me to practice the Dark Art a bit for them. The New Yorker has gone to ground; The Computer Guy already turned in his files and the Art Teacher is trying to get a sign off, and I’ve been trying to get some word about whether the content is final or not, but we’re not hearing, so I guess I’ll just assume that it’s okay. Same with the Brits — I’m just assuming it’s settled until I hear otherwise.

So basically my work for next week is set, and I’ll be able to take the weekend off with confidence. Except for a client visit today and grading papers and doing the Blackboard homework for certification. And housework.

#1 daughter has a plot in which she and a friend of hers manage my workflow and do my bookkeeping and all that sort of general business stuff, also acting as my sales force so I have regular work going on at all times and can therefore afford to pay them for doing this. We talked about it at great length last night, but it’s hard to see how it would work.