Today is going to be a domestic day chez fibermom. I am going to clean my house and do the grocery shopping. 3 In theory, I do this every Saturday, but recently I have either been too busy or too sick to do it properly.

Actually, grocery shopping is going to require some changes. First we have problems with cooking that lead to having people complaining about being out of food from Tuesday on, and then throwing out old vegetables on Saturday. Then we have rising prices that make it difficult not to be really out of food by Thursday, except for the wilted vegetables.

I have a few possible solutions:

  • Plan meals for the slow cooker and Power Cooking for the freezer, and just let the menfolks complain. At least they would have balanced meals to eat while they complained.
  • Take a proper lunch break from work (or before I go to the store on the days when I do that) and cook then, leaving things ready to go into the oven. Latecomers can warm it back up in the microwave. This is Janalisa’s suggestion, and she is also out most nights of the week at dinnertime.
  • Buy lots of sandwich ingredients and fruits and veggies to be eaten fresh, and give up on the idea of having proper cooked meals together.

I am going to use a menu from Saving Dinner today. It has a couple of crockpot meals, a couple that could be made ahead and left ready for the oven, and a couple of quick ones. Then I’ll add sandwich ingredients and cold cereal.

As for paying for all that, I am going to divide up the shopping. I refilled my bulk grains and beans and all last week at the Co-op, so I can get the perishables (meat and veg) at the grocery and then go to Target for the dairy products and packaged things like mustard and cereal, on the theory that those things will be cheaper there.

If anyone complains, I’ll smack ’em in the puff.

That’s my plan.