Saturday March 20, 2010

Up at 4:00 with my husband again. It’s raining.

I quit work early yesterday — by about 10 minutes. I was feeling glum. I talked to my daughters, and they were both feeling moody, too. I think it’s being tired.

I had a good day yesterday, actually. I got more assignments from the Arts Center, which I love. I sent in four assignments. I bought a happy green teakettle to replace the one my husband burnt up, and enjoyed the spring weather while doing it. I really had nothing to feel glum about.

But by 4:50 yesterday I was feeling frustrated about tech problems with the New Yorker’s site, and disgruntled about an unimportant exchange with The Computer Guy, and stressed about not getting responses from people, and uninspired about grading student papers…

It was time to quit work, that’s all.

I went out to the porch and enjoyed the scent of violets while talking to my equally moody daughters. I went out for takeaway from the local Chinese restaurant. I was in line in my car for the drive-up window, and could see the hands of the lady who hands out the food. Nothing else, just her hands like birds flying around the window when she gestured.

“Hey, girl!” she said when I drove up. “Today’s special: beautiful weather. Tomorrow: blizzard.”

We had a new Jackie Chan movie to watch while eating Hunan chicken and pork fried rice. Then I went to bed and read Elaine Viets while my menfolks went out to parties.

Today, I plan to do housework and grocery shopping. A little bit of work, of course, but I think moving around more will be good. Maybe a walk, if there’s space between the rain and the predicted snow.






2 responses to “Saturday March 20, 2010”

  1. lostarts Avatar

    Because of the time of year, and all three of you being “down” at the same time with no reason, there’s a possibility of it being seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It’s supposed to be caused by lower light levels in the Fall and Winter, and people start to feel better after getting more sun and light in the Spring and Summer.

    So, either get out and get some sun (which is going to probably be difficult in the predicted snow) or take some vitamin D! It’s not reported in this listing, but I read in another internet article that vitamin D helps quicker than sunshine.

    Before SAD affects my mood, it seems to affect my bones, and I get a lot of bone pain from it, which was helped by taking vitamin D. So, even if you don’t think it’s affecting you too badly mood-wise, it might be healthy to take some extra vitamin D for physical symptoms that might be slight enough that you wouldn’t readily notice.

  2. fibermom Avatar

    I’ve never taken supplements, but I’ve been thinking about it. Do you take lots of different things, or search for a multivitamin that has the proportions of things you want?