This is two balls of Wonderwool Glanzeffect (that means “shiny”) becoming Salt Peanuts from Interweave.

The new Knitty is up, and it includes some nice stuff. Here are my favorites: the Aeolian shawl which may be just the right triangular shawl pattern that I’ve been looking for since last spring, a lacy cardigan which seems like a good season-spanning choice, a kids’ hoodie with stegosaurus scales, fancy socks, and an intriguing selection of book reviews.

#1 daughter and I ventured out yesterday. I had to renew my driver’s license and get to the bank, and we went ahead and had half a sandwich and salad apiece at Jason’s Deli. We were talking business. #1 daughter, in addition to providing moral support, is also trying to help me get on with the second of my three business goals of the year: getting systems in place.

I’d seen a group of book reviews for business books designed for creative workers or for women, and I was thinking that I might find those more helpful than the ones that leap into things like LLC and GL. So, having had our lunch, we went to the bookstore in search of such a thing. Instead, I found — and bought — a collection of toy patterns by Alan Dart.

I’m a fan of Dart’s — his Christmas Handbook and Witch’s Handbook written with Malcom Bird are favorite holiday books of mine, and he’s just so cute. His knitted hedgehog with hot water bottle and pirate with full costume are pretty fascinating.

I have no practical purpose for either of them, of course. I went ahead and picked up a nice little reference on green business, since this is one of the topics I write about most frequently nowadays, but that was just camouflage, I think we all know.

This picture of the hedgehog is from blogger Gingerbread Cottage.

It was obvious that I still couldn’t be trusted to do the grocery shopping, so we just grabbed a loaf of garlic parmesan sourdough to go with the spaghetti and salad The Empress brought to us, and the ingredients for Fresh Fruit Indulgence, and went home.

There I wrote about the Solent Way and did linkbuilding for a charter boat company right along there. I think that this is where Miss Mapp and Lucia must have lived, and as I worked I was seized with a desire to go there. Because walking in the New Forest and gazing over salt marshes and sailing off toward the Isle of Wight sound excellent right about now.

I added another new UK assignment, too. I am gradually getting a sense of English geography. There isn’t very much of it, and writing about 21 branch offices should have done it, you’d have thought, but I still had a terrible time sorting out the towns and counties. I think that the British name their neighborhoods, so that you think you’ve got a town and a county, and then you get a leftover word…

Yes, well. I quit work yesterday evening at 5:00 when my computer chimed at me. I have some work that I ought to do this weekend, but I hope to do very little of it. Housework, maybe. There’s a lot of that which really needs doing, and scrubbing things can give a person an illusion of having set things to rights. And knitting and reading. And I hope that I will make it to the grocery store, too.