First things first: the new Knitty is up. It’s mostly tiny shawls, though there is a nice little cardigan called Petal and a nice raglan T shirt style top called Gemini, plus a pretty traditional sock called Phloem. Those are the ones I like, mind you. There are several more each of socks and warm-weather sweaters. I just didn’t like them as much.

I was planning to single out the knitted pineapple bag for special scorn, I confess, but then I read the notes on it. Apparently, Victorian women were mad for bags shaped like pineapples. How can it be that I didn’t know this? Knitting bags in the shape of pineapples was, according the the pattern’s author (or erhaps editor), le dernier cri forĀ  the ladies of the mid-1800s. Like wearing Ugg boots or something.

I’m not the sort who wears Ugg boots and I’m not going to make the pineapple. However, sice it was written by Franklin Habit, I recommend that you go read the story.

There’s also a new Anticraft, which includes a Celtic style cross-stitch alphabet. The AntiCraft is generally not worth the bother of looking at if it’s knitting patterns you want, but you might want cross stitch, for all I know.

My new sewing machine arrived and I am hoping to get that quilt top finished up today, along with some errands and housework. I haven’t opened the box yet, so I am still operating in the realm of fantasy. In said fantasy, this magical new sewing machine that threads itself and makes its own buttonholes will not only work so splendidly that I can finish the quilt in a weekend, but will also make it possible for me to finish up the SWAP I started last summer. It will make up for my lack of skill and for the fact that I don’t oil my machine and also for the sleep deprivation which continues to be the main truth about my life.