By request, here’s how to use hem facing, with pictures.

32807 015

Here’s a regular self-fabric facing (above). You know how you turn up the bottom edge and slipstitch it to the inside.

32807 017

So you just sew the hem facing tape (the gray stuff) to the bottom edge of your skirt. Then press and pin it up, as you would a regular facing.

32807 016

Slipstitch it, using the lace motifs as a guideline for totally even stitches. The flexibility of the lace means that you will not have to ease the fabric at all, and there is no turn-under to make a ridge on your skirt.

32807 018

See how perfect your hem is? Even though the linen/Tencel blend clearly does wrinkle just like linen.

The moody studies of light and shadow are thanks to the sun through the rose-covered window.

You got it, Pokey!