So here’s the bathmat. At the absolute end of the first skein, I had not quite completed two repeats of the pattern. This tells us that here, at the end of the third repeat, I should finish it with the edging. Common sense tells us that I will not be able to complete the fourth repeat, which the pattern calls for –even though the pattern specified two skeins of the yarn. All thoughts about how it might be possible to alter the second half unnoticeably to save yarn, or miraculously to make the second skein do more than the first did, should be rigorously ignored. 

So the decision is this: give in and use the last bit of skein two to do the edging, or stupidly continue the pattern as written, knowing that there won’t be enough yarn and I will have to frog it?

Obviously, I am going to choose the stupid alternative. #2 daughter and a couple of boys are coming down to visit today, so I will have plenty of time to knit and then to pull it all out, while I talk with them. If I don’t do that — if I just go ahead and finish it — then I will always wonder whether maybe it would have worked out. This way I will know for sure.

I also have the rest of the cutting of the quilt pattern to do. Perhaps the X-acto knife will appeal to some of the youths, and I can get some help with that. If I behave as though it is really fun, after the manner of Tom Sawyer, it could happen. Maybe.