While it would be good if I were going to spend the day cleaning my house, baking, and cutting out my SWAP, I am actually going up to the campus in the Next County for a tech training. I am a student at this tech training, so there’s not much pressure there. I am not even scared about driving up to it on the freeway. I anticipate being bored — there are so many kinds of tech training I could really benefit from, but the last time I did this particular kind, it consisted of going to a screen and clicking on an obvious button, then waiting for a quarter of an hour for everyone else to find the button and click on it. Repeat until training ends.

It will be five hours of training. Last night I was trying to calculate how many hours I worked this week. I did five hours for The Computer Guy and twelve hours at oDesk. Those are easy because I have tools for keeping track of those. I also know that the college pays me enough in a week for me to count it as five hours. So I had 22 billable hours there. I also did stuff for three different fixed-price jobs, but I’m not sure how many hours each of them took — call it another five hours. I had my Dark Art Lite clients, probably three hours there. I think I did 30 billable hours.

There were also unbillable hours. I had a client meeting and a brief trip to The Computer Guy’s office. I did three posts at my professional blog. I graded papers and prepped for classes beyond the billable hours for the college. I did another of the tests over at oDesk and applied for some jobs there. I had lots of emails and IMs. I don’t know whether I should count the ABNA reviews or not. And then I have the five-hour training and the hour of travel to and from it. I think I certainly worked 40 hours this week.

I went for one hour-long walk and got to the gym once. This is not okay. I had birthday cake a whole bunch of times, which is probably not okay, but it was my birthday. I had lunch with friends and a couple of trips to the fabric store. I had rehearsals and fun conversations

I was given presents,  or prezzies as my sister tells me her local population says it. Here you see the clever device Janalisa gave me. There is a charm on a chain to clip to your teabag so you don’t have to fish it out with your fingers (yes, I admit it) and a dish to set the teabag on so you don’t have to throw it dripping into the waste basket, sprinkling tea all over your papers.

You can also see the luxurious hand creams my sister sent to me, and a bunch of mess. What can I say? The Empress came over yesterday, and I started to apologize for the untidiness of my house, and had to give it up because I realized that it’s been untidy the past four or five times she’s been over, so my apologies were beginning to sound insincere.

If I only work 40 hours a week, I can keep my house decent.