Here’s a very small turtle who was hanging out in our garden. 

My husband brought this turtle inside. I don’t entirely know why. He really likes animals, though, and has an affinity for them. Even when he’s about to kill and eat them, he always speaks to them lovingly, and they seem to love him as well.

The dogs were going nuts over this turtle, though. Toby, in particular, wanted to get it — probably more than he has ever wanted anything in his entire life.

My husband put the tiny turtle down onto the floor, and told the dogs to leave it alone.

They did so, but you could tell it was a supreme effort of will.

My husband encouraged the turtle to put its head out, and then its legs, and after a bit #1son came in  and announced that my husband was saying, “Run, little American turtle! Run!”

We don’t know how to respond to these things.

In any case, the turtle survived its adventure and was returned to the wild.

It’s pretty wild in our garden.

Though I am making an effort to have a normal life, I haven’t yet gotten around to doing any work in the garden.

We have flowers and things amidst the weeds, but it’s very jungly.

I have papers to grade today. I’ve graded everything that was turned in on time, but students turn things in late and then  email repeatedly and urgently to suggest that I should hurry up and get their feedback to them.

I have limited sympathy.

I also have a hike planned for today, with a friend, and perhaps a Derby party, and somewhere in there I ought to do the grocery shopping and a little mild housework, so I may or may not get to all the grading, but I’ll try.

I met yesterday with a local chiropractor who needs a new website. I may pass it on to The Computer Guy, since he also has some hosting issues, but sometimes The Computer Guy doesn’t want these things, so we’ll see.