I fired the celebrity client, who appears to be a bit unstable, and the government client is trying to figure out how to have their website be the go-to place for journalists, but invisible to the opposition party. I’m reading Christopher Buckley’s latest and, while I always really enjoy his novels, I’m finding this one more enjoyable still for having had slight brushes with the kinds of things he writes about.

Slight is plenty.

Actually, I really like the government client, and will be sorry to see them go if they decide that the site we built for them is just too dangerous. However, they have paid for their website and it was a pleasure to build, so they’re a success regardless of their future decisions.We have an e-commerce website with tech troubles and we’re building a new site for a local business we’ve loved for years, plus I have another website to work on that sounds like a science fiction movie, or maybe a comic strip. It isn’t really — it’s a website for an industrial engineer — but the products and companies all have comic strip type names.

May I just say that it’s more entertaining to do a normal job that sounds exciting than to do a job that sounds normal and turns out to be — ahem — exciting? You can tell that I would love to tell the story here, but I am resisting the temptation.

Meanwhile, I have a whole bunch of papers to grade and the final grades to calculate, and then I have to drive the grades up to the Next County. I’ve whined about this enough in the past. Today I must also get some work done on my volunteer project, as I am lunching with the chairwoman. There should also be housework, errands, working in the garden, and finishing up of the quilt for #1 son.

Said quilt mostly just needs its binding completed. There are more areas that could be quilted, but I am about six weeks late on this birthday present already, so I think it will just get bound and be finished.

I have a bunch of other sewing projects I want to get to, as well. I’m not teaching this term, and I did buy some work clothing, so I’m not worrying about my wardrobe, but I have fabric and patterns that want to get together and become things.  There is also unfinished knitting. And several more quilts waiting to be quilted.

My boys are through with school by now, and “in summer mode,” as #1 son puts it. By this he means that he has nothing to do. I remember that feeling of having summer stretching out before you, with some little job or something but otherwise nothing you had to do. It’s a feeling of complete freedom. On the other hand, I also remember reading once that the best feeling isn’t having nothing to do; it’s having lots to do and doing nothing.

I may go with that today, for at least part of the day.