5 What can I say? I like bridges. This was yesterday’s walk. A beautiful day.

Client #2’s page rank is up. I am not sayng that this is because I have been writing his content this month. I am just mentioning the fact.

Have I said how much fun I’m having? I am. Yesterday’s writing task was doing a little something about the Technology Exchange Center, a place where businesses can post their technological needs and scientists can post their new ideas, and the two groups can find each other, all in the interests of ecological sustainability. I find this such a sensible and useful idea, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done before. I wanted to jump in and do publicity for them, but I have so far restrained myself. Check it out, though, and register your green technologies that you’ve been working on in the garage.

Then I worked a bit with a client who has a 5parenting resource center. She had a masseusse on hand again this week. This could become addictive.

A walk, and then I did some work on the Victorian missionary hymns for today’s conference. Just for completeness’s sake, I googled “Victorian missionary hymns.” I am sorry to say that this very blog is the #1 source on Google for this search string.

From this we can conclude that no one really gives a flip about Victorian missionary hymns. I will endeavor to be entertaining on the subject, even so. We have a little simulation, followed by my presentation, then singing, then an actress doing a bit of living history, and then some more singing. And if you ever want a list of all hymns including the word “heathen,” you just let me know.

I also did some thinking about a proposal for tech workshops for the schools, some tutoring, and a bit of knitting.

I applied for another fun-sounding job this morning, “publicity and information specialist” at the university press. I think that I would do a good job for them. It is cheering that there are such positions coming up on the screen fairly regularly, even if I haven’t heard back from any of them. I am also getting vast quantities of spam and phone calls offering me fake jobs and “business opportunities,” so I’m thinking that at least one of the jobs I applied for was a fake. I guess if you are going to offer fake jobs for the purpose of getting hold of people’s contact information, you will naturally make them sound fun.