#1 son is graduating from high school today, and I have made almost no preparations for any celebration of this accomplishment. I am actually not sure what time the ceremony is.

Since this is our third weekend in a row of celebration (we had #1 daughter here last weekend and #2 daughter the weekend before that) and next week I will begin working Saturdays for the summer, I am seriously behind on housework and errands. I am also still dealing with the household catastrophes I mentioned before. Yesterday I spent the day at the store moving furniture around and climbing up and down a ten-foot ladder, an undertaking which has combined with my new 1-hour Pilates classes at the gym to render me stiff and sore.

I am behind on my goals for the year, too close to the writing contest deadline for comfort (Pokey? We have to get on that!), and have four church things and twelve work things to prepare for coming up in the month of June. I need to plan my vacation, which is facing some obstacles. I must also pay bills and make some kind of special breakfast for this special day.

I obviously cannot think seriously about any of this till I have had a second cup of tea, so instead I will follow Knitsteel and Kali Mama and show you my shoes.

5 These are my gym shoes. I wear them to the gym.




5 These are the shoes I wear most often for work and daily life.




5 This is a surprising pair of shoes my daughter persuaded me to buy last summer. I have surprised myself by wearing them all the time. They are showing signs of wear and perhaps I should replace them.



5 These are my pointy witch toe shoes. I am also surprised that I wear these very frequently, for church and work and social events.



5 These are my high heels. They get a group shot. I bought them all together at the Christmas-colors shoe sale in December and totalled the cost of one pair of shoes. I believe that each pair has been worn to one party, and the burgundy pair has gotten to go to church once or twice.

They are comfortable for the first 30 minutes of wearing, or if there is no walking or standing involved, which doesn’t describe any occasions in my real life.

Compared with the others who have done this exercise, I do not have many pairs of shoes. Actually, I have a couple of other pairs, but when I went to photograph them I realized that they were so ancient and disreputable that I threw them away. However, I have rarely owned more than two pairs of shoes at one time, so this is a lot 5for me.

I had to buy them a house to live in, in fact. They clearly need to get with those sweaters and do a little tidying in there. 

I see in this picture the pair of asparagus-green sneakers which I now think I will rescue for gardening, since I ought not to do the gardening in sliver pumps.

There are also some hiking boots (they have separate bedrooms) which I bought at a yard sale about a decade ago, and which can’t really be worn for hiking any more, since there is now very little sole left. And yet I am thinking that they might need rescuing, too, because otherwise what will I hike in?

And my black performance shoes. I bought them at a yard sale, too, and they are about two sizes too large. However, I have to have black shoes to wear for performances.

The clogs will stay in the trash, but I may have to go get those other ancient, disreputable shoes. They do not, however, get their portraits made.

Who will be next? Who else will show us her shoes (or his, that would be okay too). You may be thinking “Okay, Fibermom, if Knitsteel and Kali Mama jumped off a cliff, would you go jump off a cliff too?” And I have to answer, if they blogged about it, I might. Go ahead! Show us your shoes!