The photographer did not call, thank goodness.

#2 daughter arrived. We have big plans for today. We’re going to go to the American bakery (the one with the handsome baker), to the spring festival and farmers market if the rain lets up, to my hair appointment, shopping for clothes for me to wear to teach summer school, and then heading to the annual Derby party.

Then, this evening, she’s going out with The Computer Guy.

I believe that all three of us are the kind of people who can be in this arrangement — that is, my daughter dating someone I work with — without any problems.

At some point, the photographer may indeed call. I don’t know how the WSJ goes about finding a photographer in a remote rural location. However, I am hoping that we’ll be able to do the planned shopping. I am not good at shopping, myself. It is pretty clear that I’m not going to sew up the summer SWAP I had planned, though, so I have to shop.

There is, in the next county to the north, a clothing shop that caters to Ladies of a Certain Age. They send me catalogs. I think that, if #2 daughter comes along to assist me, I can go there and find a couple of warm-weather jackets so that I won’t have to spend the whole summer in black and forest green wool, which is what I wore for the fall and spring semesters. I own three pairs of trousers, in brown and gray, so if I get a jacket or two and perhaps a summery blouse, I think I’ll be able to wear clothing every work day.

This is the plan.