#1 son and his dad arrived last night. We’re going to the zoo today. I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday settled down to routine. I worked all day — added a new website for an old client to my calendar, worked with the design for a new site, wrote a draft of that highly technical article, conferred with the chocolatier, stuff like that.

I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner, #2 daughter came home from work, we ate and talked about boys. Then we watched a movie and knitted. She’ll probably be glad to have her apartment back, but we’re pretty good roommates.

There was a rock concert right outside the window. We got to hear it all. The menfolks called just as the movie ended. They had made it to within a couple of blocks and then gotten lost. #2 daughter went and found them and brought them back.

It was good to see them.

I’ve checked my mail, but that’s it: no work today. The zoo!