So yesterday I finished my school visits, responded to The Computer Guy’s excitement over the initial response to my publicity with as much modesty as I could arrange (his web site was “exploding,” he said, and we’ve had requests for information from towns over 100 miles away; my modesty involved not saying “Umm, yeah, have you noticed yet that I’m hot stuff and you should hire me?”), tutored, and then headed straight to Janalisa’s party.

It was her daughter’s graduation party, a very elegant soiree with lovely food and pleasant conversations. Janalisa’s house is just outside town, reached by means of a winding lane bordered by great banks of honeysuckle. There’s a nice greensward behind her house, with pine trees around it, and the weather cooperated.

I got home just before #2 Daughter arrived. We ordered in pizza, watched Numb3rs, and talked till the menfolks arrived. Constant contact via IM is wonderful, but it does mean that we didn’t really have any news to catch up on.

Actually, I had a far-reaching variety of conversations yesterday: wedding dresses, Gilbert and Sullivan, Schrodinger’s Cat, college majors, names, LivePerson, the history of processed foods, relationships, working alone vs. working with others, how people behave when arrested…

That came up because we were watching Numb3rs, which features lots of arrests. I had dropped off a flyer at a residential treatment facility, and someone was being arrested.

She shrieked as though being assaulted, and cried, “Please don’t!” and stuff like that, which is why I noticed her. I naturally looked over to see if she needed help.

On Numb3rs, people being arrested either run away or sullenly accept their fate. I remarked on this difference to #2 daughter, who assured me that in her neighborhood, she sees people being arrested fairly frequently. They 5want to get it over with, she said, without drawing attention to themselves. They look sort of embarrassed.

I stared at her a bit at the idea that seeing people arrested was a frequent feature of her life.

My lettuces are happy here, in the rain. I cut their leaves for salads every day. Really fresh lettuce has milk in the veins (lettuce milk, natch) and tastes wonderful. It is a completely different experience from store-bought lettuce.

#2 daughter and I are going to go shopping when the rain lets up. I have to get a jacket. I am not good at clothes shopping, and she loves it, so she will help me with this difficult task.