It’s Memorial Day weekend. The first year I worked as a techguy, I noticed that Memorial Day and the Super Bowl appeared to be the only days that tech guys took off, so I got into that habit as well. There have also been quite a few years when Memorial Weekend was a sewing marathon for me, sometimes with #2 daughter. I’m thinking of spending this weekend lolling about and sewing.

#1 son and #1 daughter came over last night for pizza and a movie. We watched “One for the Money,” the movie based on Janet Evanovich’s first Stephanie Plum novel. It was fun. I’m intending to bake some raspeberry-lemon muffins in a minute here, to clean my house, and to do some grocery shopping before settling in for lolling and sewing. Doesn’t that sound marvelously normal?

I have the sleeves and finishing to do for the sewn cardigan I began last weekend, and then I plan to make a couple of tops in purple jersey fabric I bought for some reason last fall. I know I’ll make another of the Hotpatterns Weekender Sunshine tops, since this is one of my TnT patterns, but I may also make the top from the pattern I’m using for the cardigan.

I’m also thinking about sewing a new nightgown. I actually bought some pink floral cotton lawn for the purpose. Sewing nightgowns is fun for me because you can do all sorts of fiddly handwork and fitting is a fairly moot point, so it plays to my strengths.