#2 daughter and I went shopping for fabric last night, with limited success.

Actually, it was a huge success. We caught one of those 99 cent sales on patterns and stocked up. Well, by our standards. At one point, #2 daughter told one of the fabric store ladies that we owned “so many patterns.” I knew that she was doing an Esquimaux Maiden, though. Our six patterns apiece will not impress any serious home sewer. However, we each bought three more, thus increasing our stashes by 50%.

We also bought vast quantities of good solid colors for a little bit of money. Microfibers, linen blends, Cuddleskin. We dissuaded one another from buying things that wouldn’t be becoming to us (I did not get any dragons or tropical prints. Sigh. #2 daughter didn’t get gigantic black and white prints or low-cut wrap tops. Sigh on her behalf). There was a moment when I held up a lovely soft blue to my face and #2 daughter helpfully said that it brought out the gray in my hair.

A passing clerk said it “brightened” my hair and brought out the blue in my eyes. What a nice lady.

Essentially, as #2 daughter pointed out, we bought the colors our makeup lady tells us to wear.

We did not find prints. That was the “limited success” part. We did find a great check suiting. Kali Mama has suggested some online fabric stores to me, and I am going to order prints, I think. The Australian plan tells you to find a print first and pick the solids from it, but they must not be shopping in a small town.

I must do the grocery shopping, and then we will do our storyboards. I will go to work and #2 daughter will go out with friends. Then we will begin our Great Memorial Day Sewing Weekend. #2 daughter wants to combine this with a TV marathon of “Law and Order,” a program which I know will be full of distressing stuff. I hope to veto this, though I am willing to have it be a TV marathon of some kind while we sew. Comedies, for choice. Costume pieces. Movie musicals. Something that won’t involve rapes and onscreen murders.