Memorial Day weekend is a great time for sewing, and I plan to do  quite a bit of it this weekend. I had actually planned to take the whole three days off, but things interfered with my plan, so I still have some work to do before I can settle in to sew.

I am ready, though, as you can see. I have Netflix, sewing/fashion magazines, sewing tools, and nearly-completed projects.

One of the things that interfered with my finishing all the work before the weekend was an amazing piece of good fortune. I’m a member of a special beta testing group which is bringing all the members to Rome for a camp in October. They are paying for the trip, though I plan to save up whatever I can from the small amount left over after I pay tuition, so that I can play tourist a bit as well.

The reason this interfered is that I had to go get a passport, an expensive undertaking but also rather exciting.

Then I had to go to a bookstore. I have no excuse for this whatsoever, except that  I’m going to Italy so I needed to look at books about Italy.

I got back to work by 10:00, but then had calls from clients who were feeling very chatty, it being the Friday before a long weekend, and what with one thing and another I still have my Aussies and Brits to see to before the holiday begins.

I stopped work at very nearly the normal time anyway, and worked on item #3 of the Summer Top Project. This is HotPatterns  Weekender Sunshine Top  and I quite like it. I think I’ll make another.

I start teaching again on Tuesday, so I hope I will be able to sew up a few more tops this weekend. I hope also that there will be some cooking out with the family or other jollity, but I haven’t actually planned anything, so I can’t count on that.

There has to be housework and grocery shopping, too, and of course there’s still some work to be done, so there really may not be anything special about this holiday weekend at all, but there might be. Who knows?