I applied for a couple more jobs yesterday (Director of Adult Education at a church and counter help at a store because what the heck, why not) and I also pitched my SEO services to a potential new client who was intrigued and asked me to send her a proposal.

She then told me she had a masseuse in the other room and would I like a free massage? Of course I said yes, and I ended up quite a bit more relaxed than I had been. The whole pitching to potential clients has turned out to be more pleasant than I would have expected.

I may need a new business card saying “Plyer of the Dark Art.”

Last night was the Help Whip Cancer bingo. I had a nice long table full of folks, three of the four parties that had signed up. My fourth must have gotten lost or something.

It was fun and we raised money for the American Cancer Society and the local cancer support home, so it was a good way to spend an evening. I got to catch up with Janalisa and to admire her stalwart son who spun the bingo balls around in the 13.5 mph Salad Spinner all evening.

I traveled around (to other people’s tables, too, because there were lots of my former store customers there, and one had a job tip for me), but I spent much of the time with the table full of biologists. None of them won any bingo prizes, and it was probably all because I distracted them by talking.

While I was there, the question arose:

Which college major is the most romantic, or the sexiest? In fact, we contemplated lining up all the possible fields of study in order, from least to most romantic. We ran out of time, though.

My degrees are in linguistics, and it is my considered opinion that this is a more romantic and possibly more sexy major than biology.

“We study sex,” the biologists said, but I think we all know that isolating RNA in the lab is not exactly sex. “We get the mind,” I said, clinching the argument. The biologists were forced to agree, though they pointed out that The Empress, having her degree in Economics, was lower even than they on the romance/sexiness scale.

What do you think? What is or was your major, and how romantic and sexy is it?

I realize that there are art and music majors in the audience who will be reaching for the tiara immediately. But maybe philosophy belongs up there with them, too.

We had no art majors around, and the accountants naturally were staying entirely out of the conversation. We were uncertain about Horticulture. Is there perhaps an earthy appeal there, a sort of Lady Chatterley’s Lover quality?

The Geneticist loyally proposed that her husband’s major, soil science, was sexy. I, thinking of soiled diapers, thought that soil science was not sexy. However, if we went with Environmental Studies, that would be something else entirely.

Others argued that all of Agri was out of the romance stakes on the grounds of smelliness. They work in the Poultry Science building, so they know whereof they speak.

I want to hear all your opinions on this deeply important qustion, so that I can report back to the biologists.