Last night’s new experience was bingo.

Partygirl and #2 daughter and I went, along with other women from church and work. Blessing brought her sister, of whom I had heard many adventuresome stories, and I also saw lots of customers from the store, since we live in a small town. It was a very girly evening. This was particularly true because it was breast cancer charity event, so there was a lot of pink being worn. There was even a boy there in a “Tough Guys Wear Pink” T-shirt, though Partygirl prefers the “Save the Tatas” slogan. I think it might be open to misinterpretation.

Perhaps you, like me, have never played bingo before. You get these little cards with windows over rows of bingokingshuttercard numbers, and they have sliding red shutters which you push back and forth. Mine said “Father Bandini Council,” Father Bandini being the priest who defended the church from the vigilantes — I told you that story last week.

I expect you know the rules of bingo — even I knew the rules. So  basically you have an evening of conversation interrupted by little spells of concentrating on bingo cards. 

I had a “bingo” and won a top-of-the-line slotted spoon. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use from it, though at that moment I would have preferred to take home the bingo card. It was so clever.

Unlike handbells, bingo requires absolutely no skill. We are skipping the handbell festival today. We have a brunch at Partygirl’s and a Derby Party with Janalisa, plus #2 son’s gymnastics, my husband’s birthday (he has announced that he is too old for birthdays, but we will be ignoring that), and of course the normal Saturday stuff, so we will be too busy for the handbells.

This was a Pampered Chef event, and I was hostess. Pampered Chef  is a cookware company, which sells at parties like Tupperware. They have raised 5 million dollars for breast cancer research with these May events. I host Pampered Chef parties about once a year, and when you do this, you often end up with free things. I never try to sell things or pay any attention to that aspect of the party, considering it rather a social occasion where someone else  does the cooking, and so it is always a delightful surprise when the consultant says to me “You can have $60 worth of free stuff,” or whatever it might be. But this time I was really surprised that people bought things, since we were playing bingo and not watching people cook. I spend my working life selling people things — or, actually, helping the people who need the things I sell to find what they need — so I obviously don’t want to sell things in my free time. But here I am, surprised, deciding whether to be practical and replace my elderly kitchen utensils, or to give in to the lure of the gorgeous bamboo cheese board.

Does it sound as though I am being frivolous today? I am. I have to come up with a hat for the Derby party. Have a fun weekend!