Here’s #2 son hiding his face so I couldn’t take his picture. That means that I can post his picture, so the laugh is on him.
He called yesterday to say that he’s got an apartment on campus for the summer, and  a summer job.

#1 son plans to get a real job and move in with friends this summer. We went out this week and bought him some grownup clothes for the job hunt; he looks sharp in them, though that doesn’t guarantee that he’ll get a job that will allow him to support himself. If he does, then we would have an empty nest — apart from the dogs, of course.

I was talking with #1 daughter not long ago and she said that she thinks I’m tired of taking care of people. Not, she hastened to add, tired of my kids (though I am certainly tired of the dogs), but tired of taking care of everyone.

It’s true. Maybe it’s time for me to take care of myself for a while.

I may be thinking of this because I’m having an allergy attack and that, combined with my perpetual lack of sleep, is making me feel a bit sorry for myself.

No matter. Today I think I’ll take the day off and do some things for myself: clean my house, do some sewing, go for a walk, read. Actually, I have some blogs I have to write, and we just launched a website so I have to keep an eye on it a little bit, but mostly I think I could spend today taking care of myself. See how I like it.