This week included a lot of fun. Monday night I rehearsed the Poulenc Gloria. Tuesday La Bella and I went to hear a brass quintet.

Brass instruments are always less orderly than other instruments, but you don’t usually notice it because they’re in the middle of the orchestra.

They shake spit from their horns onto the floor. The French horn player puts his arm up his horn, vet-like, as though he’s delivering the music. The tuba player spreads her legs and pulls the tuba into her crotch, while the floor around them becomes littered not only with spare saliva but also with mutes and extra instruments and stuff. They make flatulent noises in the lower register and grimace oddly as they play.

Nonetheless, the music was excellent.

Wednesday was choir practice, and Thursday was supposed to be the rehearsal of the choirlet — well, I’m sure they had the rehearsal, but I wasn’t there. I stayed home while my husband and #1 daughter went to their pool tournament. I watched Miss Marple and knitted. It was lovely. That was also the day #1 daughter and I went for a walk in the rain-washed autumn woods .

Friday night #1 son and #1 daughter came over and we had pizza and a movie. We watched Gnomeo & Juliet, and we were all able to compare it with Romeo and Juliet without having anyone behave as though we were being pretentious and geeky.

Today was a work day, but I worked on the sofa with Netflix in the background, so it certainly could be worse.