Going for a walk is an excellent way to start a workday. It’s good for thinking.

Yesterday was a good workday in many ways. I had interesting work to do and got it done and even sent out midmonth invoices, which I don’t always get around to doing — and in fact there’ve been months when I haven’t had anything to invoice midmonth.

However, yesterday was a day filled with interruptions.

My husband is on short hours. He’ll have two four-day weeks and nothing else till the end of the year. I don’t feel too bad about this, since they laid off 25 people entirely. Still, I went to the unemployment office with him yesterday and the place was full of people from his company. it’s a big company, and employs so many people that they have quite a few who commute from the neighboring state — that is, they can’t usually fill all their jobs locally.  

And here they are filling up the unemployment office instead.

#2 daughter is still unemployed, too.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about my business. I think people are generally becoming aware that they need a web presence, but many don’t know how to accomplish that, or haven’t been able to do so successfully. And online marketing is the cheapest kind, so it’s a good field to be in during an economic downturn.

Also, many of the people currently doing this — since you don’t need a license or anything  — are incompetent. The website I’m working on right now has been up for a couple of years, and still has as its meta-description “We need to put a description of our content here.” The owners don’t know how to look at the meta-language, so they had no idea that their web people hadn’t taken care of that little detail. So it’s a field in which actually doing a good job puts a person way ahead of the competition right off.

Yesterday I got five hours of work done. I was working for more hours than that, but there was a trip to the unemployment office, and people talking baby talk to the dogs and conversations and people wanting to know what there was to eat and whether the mail had come and what would be the best route from Fresno to Florida (I suggested heading east). And there was a walk in there, too.

If my husband’s going to be home for most of the rest of 2008, we’re going to have to come up with some plan that involves fewer interruptions. Or I’ll have to admit that five hours of actual work is all people usually get done in offices and cope.

Either way, I did what I needed to do yesterday. I’m going to let the website I wrote percolate over the weekend and look over it again on Monday morning before I sent it in. Today I’m going to work on #1 son’s shirt, clean house, run errands, and probably loll around on the couch. I did some lolling last night (I had set up “free time” in Outlook and I turned off the computer when the chimes went), but it wasn’t good lolling. I watched “The Three Amigos” on TV, ate caramel corn, and knitted. The movie was harmless but stupid, the caramel corn was obviously not good for me, and the knitting was — actually, nothing wrong with the knitting. It’s lace, so it can’t really be seen till it’s blocked, but it is very soft and lovely, and it’s getting longer, which is all it’s supposed to do at this point.

Today’s shirt will be more challenging. Matching plaids is involved. And it’s being done for #1 son, who is very demanding. I have told him that he has to help with the pinning and cutting. #2 daughter would be a better choice, as she has mad spacial skillz. However, she is too far away. This way, if it’s done badly, #1 son will be equally at fault and can’t complain.