Here is rachelsent’s theory about cell phones, complete with photos. I bet she’s right.

Rachelsent has also been posting her craft area mess, so I soldering areawill do the same: here is the soldering stuff, waiting for me to get back to it. My boys have suggested that the dinner table is not the best spot for this, but it is the only good surface right next to a window, so it will have to be there. However, I hope to finish my soldered gifts today, and then I will put it away for the nonce and we can have our dinner table back.

And here are the completed front and back of #2 son’s sweater, being knitted in Wool of the Andes “Mist” on #6 mist front and backneedles, using the set-in sleeve calculations from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweaters.

I plan to get on with the sleeves today, too, after I have soldered for a while and before I head out into the cold to sing madrigals.

However, I am having a slow start today. I got up with my husband at 4:00 a.m., but then went back to bed since I didn’t have to get the boys off to school, and slept till 7:00. I suppose I must be more rested, but actually I just feel muzzy.

So I am trying to wake up properly as I pay the bills and clean the refrigerator and other such tasks, prior to doing the required Saturday errands.

And it is the aforementioned muzziness, I am sure, that is causing me to spend quite a bit of time debating about the free turkey grocery shopping question.

Here’s the thing: a local grocery will give you a free turkey if you spend $100 there. Now, I do spend $100 on groceries most weeks, but not all in the same place. I normally go to the farmers market, the health food store, the meat market, and perhaps the bakery, and finish up with the grocery store for things that weren’t to be had at those other places. Since I have a turkey in my freezer at this moment (given by my husband’s company) and my dad will be bringing over another turkey on Thursday, the offer of a 10-pound turkey which would otherwise cost about six bucks shouldn’t really be that tempting. It won’t even be a Butterball turkey, though they are grown locally, but some odd imported frozen turkey which I probably would never buy.

And yet, I also have to go this morning to the craft store, the post office, and the place where #2 son got all excited about the stocking stuffers. And still get home in time to solder and knit before the lighting ceremony on the square. So there would be some sense to the idea of doing all the grocery shopping in one place.

Once the tea kicks in, I should be able to make this weighty decision and get the day begun.