I’m having trouble waking up today. I didn’t work yesterday evening, because I was just too tired to do a good job any more. I had only serious books in the house, but fortunately I have a Kindle, so I could quickly download a frivolous book. Not a very good book, as it happened, but light enough for an exhausted evening. I lay on the sofa in front of the fire with my e-ink and relaxed.

This morning I got up at 4:20 to make my husband’s coffee, finished the book, and then got caught up in online shopping. Not that I actually bought anything, but time slipped past while I looked at things and drank tea, hoping to wake up enough to do some useful work. I was largely looking at Japanese fairy tale fabric anyway, so I can’t even claim that I was accomplishing anything in the way of Christmas shopping.

Artsedge was happy with my work and is hiring me on for a second go-round, and I was able to pick out my own preferred lessons, so I have three that I’m quite excited about — Civil War music, fairy tale opera using The Frog Prince, and the science of sound. I hope to finish up the long series on influential men today. I’ve enjoyed talking with all of these guys, I must say.

And I have to do the grocery shopping. The cleaner came in yesterday. Things were so untidy that she had to sort of work around the mess, but at least it’s clean under said mess, so I should be okay for Thanksgiving. I’m seriously thinking about chocolate pecan pie. That may just be the exhaustion, of course. Also, my hands hurt.

Maybe another cup of tea will help.