In the past two weeks, I’ve either worked on the websites of, or met with or gotten an assignment to work on the websites of, a steampunk jeweler, a big game hunter, a web designer, a choral group, a legal videographer, a health records firm, a parent resource center, an educational store, a writer, a house painter, an assisted living community, and an event space.

How cool is that?

Today, though, I don’t plan to work on any websites, except perhaps my own. I had a goal for this month of getting all my business systems in place, my software settled, all that. I’m pretty close, but have been working a lot for clients (good) and therefore haven’t had a lot of time to work on the Taking Care of Business stuff. But I might actually write a business plan, since I found a template for one online. A couple of months ago, when The Computer Guy asked about things like a business name and a logo (he was building my website at the time), I responded with horror. Now (having simply accepted the name and logo he came up with for me), I am actually contemplating making a business plan. Pretty amazing. And you’re lucky you aren’t one of my kids, because I think that all of them have had to listen to me gloating about all the things I’m on the front page of Google for. Suffice it to say, if you are looking for my services in my town, you are going to find me.

Not that you are. And especially not today, since this is not a business day.

The big thing today is the whole cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping bit, plus further work on #2 son’s shirt. He’s been very good about not nagging, and understanding that I’ll mostly just be able to work on it on the weekends. But here it is the weekend, so it’s time to get back to it.

11 I think it’s pretty convincing as a shirt. You can believe that it’s going to become a shirt some day.

I didn’t line up the front edges so you could tell that the plaid matches and goes around the whole body of the shirt the way it’s supposed to.

The fabric is Pendleton wool given me by La Bella. This stuff runs $50 a yard, and we spend a lot of time petting it and admiring it and thinking about how wonderful it will be.

If I ever get the sleeve placket issue figured out.

We may have to wait for #2 daughter, who has mad spacial skilz, unlike me and #1 son. My husband also has these skills, but he drives us insane with his measuring, so we haven’t asked him for help.

This makes sense, since he makes Craftsman wrenches. They have to be correct to within something like .0018 millimeters, so he naturally doesn’t like my slipshod methods. If we asked him for help with the sleeve placket issue, he would probably want the sleeves completely removed and possibly cut out again so they’d be more exact.

I’m hoping that the mysteries of the sleeve plackets will unfold themselves to me when I look at them with fresh eyes right after breakfast and grocery shopping. And maybe cleaning, too, because it’s hard to really focus in a messy house.

I have to make a shopping list for Thanksgiving, as well.