We’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving, followed by the Day of Eating Leftovers, so today is back to oatmeal and fresh vegetables. (Not that Thanksgiving didn’t involve fresh vegetables — it’s just that there was a lot of butter, cream, and pie crusts involved as well. And it is quite possible that leftover pie was on the menu for breakfast yesterday)

I am on the mend from the horrible virus, but not quite up to returning to the gym. Monday, I hope. I can be there with all the other penitents.

Actually, lots of us spend the entire time from Thanksgiving to New Years in overall holiday mode, completely ignoring saturated fats and simple carbohydrates — or rather, eating them up while ignoring their health consequences. So this is a reminder to myself that we are about to start observing Advent, a fast season, a perfect time for austerity and simplicity in food as well as in our thoughts.

Ah, yes, the knitting. There is yet another bawk in the picture, of course. This one will be followed by one more and then I am through, except that I have all these bits and pieces of yarn crying out to me to be made into a multicolored bawk. However, the two remaining bawks and then two mystery objects are all that need be done for Christmas. Can I finish four items between now and Christmas? Sure. Can I do it between now and December 10, the HGP deadline for adult-made (as opposed to family-project) holiday crafts? Not sure. Even so, I did break to make a utilitarian cotton dishcloth, because I needed one. I didn’t take the time to make it fancy or even to make it well, though.

If you have been doing the HGP, then by now you have your house in pretty good order, several meals and a whole bunch of cookies in the freezer, and most of your gifts bought and wrapped. This coming week will be for decorating.

It is also Advent. You can click on that word for an explanation of what that is. And here is a nice resource if you already know about Advent but would like some ways to make it more a part of your observances this year.

As for me, I am going to work. Carrying a turkey sandwich and carrot sticks and abjuring the kids to eat all remaining pie before I get home.

(Here is a rude joke from Isis Rising. Don’t click on it if you are likely to be offended. It’s just that it’s about the Hogs.)