Here was Thanksgiving dinner.

The kids are all still here, though #1 daughter is leaving this morning.

We girls went for a walk yesterday. We strolled around the cemetery discussing life, death, and the afterlife.

Also geese.

We had intended to undress the house from its Thanksgiving look and decorate for Christmas. Then, we thought, we’d put up the tree (we use an artificial one in deference to my husband, who doesn’t see the point of putting a tree in the house) and decorate for Christmas.

We didn’t do any of those things. I worked for half the day, and then we hung out and watched The Big Bang Theory and knitted. I’ve actually got the front and the back of #2 son’s sweater finished. Sleeves only, now, and it could easily be finished by Christmas.

We had a couple of turkeys, one roasted and one smoked.  We also had three pies. Store-bought crusts, I’m sorry to say, but there it is. It’s the modern way. So yesterday we mostly just ate leftovers.

We had a lot of conversation. it was fun.

I hope that we’ll get out to see the lights tonight. We have kind of a big touristy Lights thing here, often with people playing music and singing. I’ve been among the singers down there, myself.

So, yeah, that’s basically what we did.

#2 daughter went out with a friend to a farm. “Going out to the farm” is something people do in groups around here. #1 son often “goes out to the cabin.” It’s nice, I think, to have a place to go to in that way.

Since I didn’t do much work yesterday, I ought to be working today. However, there are lots of kids and dogs, and it might not happen.

I will then be severely behind again. But it’ll probably be worth it.

I think I need to grade papers, though. My students’ rewrites of their big research paper are due on Monday. Those who turned in their drafts on Monday when they were due got feedback in plenty of time for them to work on the rewrite. however, I know that my school inbox will be full of the emailed papers of people who turned them in late, and are expecting me to give them feedback in time anyway.

Today is probably the outside edge of “in time.”