I have a million things to do today, and got very little sleep last night — a bad combination. I have gotten the fifth bawk back through the cables and am ready to do the decreasing and ribbing. It is my hope that I will get all my tasks done this morning, and in the afternoon will be able to rib and read, and then cast on another pair of Fuzzy Feet.

And maybe take a nap.

I am currently trying to wake up by drinking my tea and browsing the blogs. This can be enjoyed even by someone whose brain is not fully functioning.

(Ah, my new knitting book up there. It is a “free” book from a book club. I say “free” because I paid shipping and handling, and because I know that I must have spent a startling amount of money for them to send me a “free” book. Still, it contains the perfect scarf for my Target yarn, which I will make sometime in the distant future when I have finished all the other projects I have planned.)

Here is an interesting knitting site. Not only does it have some cool ideas for knitting toys and stuff, it also has a photo of a piece of knitting inspired by righteous indignation over bigotry. The knitter wanted to make something to show her support for full gay marriage rights.

Now, I cannot myself imagine deciding to knit something to express my views on anything besides aesthetic preferences. I like the idea of someone saying, “I am so outraged, I’m gonna knit me up something expressive!”

This is a surprising game. I read the directions, but entirely misunderstood how it was supposed to be done. So, having taken four seconds to devise my strategy, I made my first move. I attempted to make a second move, but the game had taken off on its own, and I got a score of 1,014. Since I can never expect to beat that, I will never play the game again. #1 son, who is highly competitive and also good at games, played for quite a while and never even approached my score.

This is probably because I am really lucky. You know all those people who say they never win anything? I win all the time. I have had to remove my family from am event because we were winning all the door prizes and it was getting embarrassing. Fortunately, I disapprove of gambling and never gamble. Otherwise, my persistent conviction that I am amazingly lucky could get me into real trouble.

My to-do list for today is so long that I have no business spending any more time here. But I want to show you some toys. We have been unpacking toys at work for the past couple of weeks, and are now a wonderland of toys. Yep, little old toyseller me.