I’ve been having a lot of fun building a website for the bookkeeper, and I’ve been learning a lot, but it’s clear that using a template doesn’t make the process fast and easy. Well, I guess that in theory you could just pick a template and type stuff in. But if you want to make your site look a particular way, then you won’t get that with a template unless you put a lot of time and effort into it, and you still have to know html and have software for photo editing and all that sort of thing. I certainly have spent enough time on it that I could have earned enough to pay the Art Teacher to do the design — and his would have been better. Still, as I say, I’m having fun.

I’m showing you pictures of this as a WIP. #1 daughter helped me make a logo (the client hasn’t been able to get one done; this may not be what she wants, but it’s better than having nothing there). #2 daughter says that all the pages should have big pictures. I don’t know yet.

I’m actually a little bit nervous about using the photos. I don’t know whether the client has model releases or permission from the photographers, or whether she just sent me everything she had on her computer.

I think I could get in trouble for using these images, even if she’s the one who said I could without getting proper permission first.

My efforts at improving the whole non-work life thing have been spotty.

I have a book where I write down my goals. I went to it today and saw that I hadn’t written anything since December 29th of last year. I went back a couple of years in the book and saw that I had goals of fixing my work life, which I think I’ve now done, and of getting all my kids safely off to college, which I’ve done, and of acquiring a wardrobe and dressing and grooming myself like a grownup, which I mostly do, and of developing adult friendships (as opposed to seeing only my children and their friends’ moms, and the moms out there know what I mean), and I’ve done that, too.

I had a goal of having a nice, orderly house, which I sometimes do, especially now that I have a cleaner come in once a month.

I also had goals about diet and exercise, at which I’ve failed miserably since I became a Computer Guy. In fact, I now have new health concerns. Getting enough sleep and avoiding destroying my back and my vision weren’t even on my goals list before, and now these are real concerns.

I think that most of us who try to take care of ourselves probably have to get up every day and start over, when it comes to meeting those goals.

But that little book of mine has become a record of dismal failure where health goals are concerned.

I did go out yesterday, when I went to the bank, and I roamed around the bookstore. I was actually there to get the new issue of Practical Web Design magazine, which had a scary article in it about the physical consequences of sitting for long hours in front of the computer in poorly-designed chairs as well as the article on layout that I wanted, but I saw on my way that Georgette Heyer’s mystery novels have been reprinted. While I had to resist buying the whole series (I have tuition payments to make, after all), I did buy two of them. And then last night, less than hour after my computer binged at me to tell me I should quit working, I did in fact shut down and go spend the evening reading. It’s pitiful that this seems like an accomplishment, I know, but I’ve already had clients contact me this morning. Having taken an evening off is a big deal.

Today I have to work, but I also plan to clean house, get some cookies into the freezer, and do some reading. I hope. I also have a lot of Christmas gift knitting to do. And I’m determined to fit in a walk or some Pilates. Maybe a nice vat of vegetable soup for my lunches this week. That’s the plan.