10 There’s the Jack o’ Lantern in all its glory. Or not really all its glory, since the candle has burnt out. I didn’t go out and snap it when it was lighted up, but I will. We have another pumpkin to carve yet, and I bought glow lights to put in them. Being all modern.

Jack o’ Lantern completion is scheduled for today. Also housework. I also have another recipe to practice for my December shows. It has been pointed out to me that I should not be putting time into practice and paperwork, so much as into booking shows. So that might also take place today.

However, last Saturday I spent at traffic school and the Saturday before that I spent out with my daughter, and the previous several Saturdays I had cooking shows, and before that I was working on Saturdays for Back to School, so I am feeling that it is high time for a PSD Saturday. 10

I baked this Caramelized Apple Pecan Coffee Cake for breakfast yesterday. I picked the recipe up at Starbucks when #1 daughter and I were up there.

I like to pick up recipes in odd places, the odder the better, and I often make them. #2 son and I actually once made a weird cake involving Coca-Cola and marshmallows from a recipe we picked up at a Cracker Barrel in Missouri. I pick up recipes in museums, too. You never know.

But I think that Starbucks must have intended, when they provided this recipe to the public, that we would all read through it and think “Forget that! I’ll just go to Starbucks and buy a piece.”

It’s not a very photogenic cake, I have to admit, but it is delicious. It is made with yogurt and applesauce so it has only a tiny bit of butter in it, and while it is made with white flour and sugar, the quantities of each are relatively small compared with the fruit and nuts, so it is fairly healthy for a cake.

However, it involves caramelizing sugar, toasting pecans, chopping things, melting things, spreading things out to cool, and three mixing bowls.

A person shouldn’t do all that before breakfast without there being a salary involved. In which case I suppose you’d eat breakfast first, and then go do all that stuff.

I also tried out a technique with ploymer clay that I had been wondering about for awhile. The idea is that you roll out the clay very thin and burnish pictures onto it. Printed-out pictures, you know. You press the paper into the clay, and bake it, and when you pull the paper off, voila! the picture is on the clay and you have lovely bookmarks to put in the books you give to people as gifts.

V7941SD1 Except that it didn’t work. I ended up with plain white polymer which is to say, strips of plastic. I threw them away. If anyone out there is familiar with the technique and can tell me where I went wrong, I’d love to hear about it.

This is what I plan to sew today, if I am successful in attaining a PSD. I am chary of announcing a PSD, since I have anounced several recently and then had something come up that prevented any sewing from taking place.

So I am announcing my intention to sew this today, once I get some housework done and of course my daily computer stint for the store. It is truncated on Saturday, but still a couple of hours’ worth. And even if I am determined to keep the housework to a minimum, there is that minimum that has to be done. And the grocery shopping. We’ll see whether the sewing intention comes to fruition or not.

Breakfast first, though. Something that does not involve making caramel or spreading things out to cool.