socktober button Happy Socktober! I am wishing you this whether you are observing Socktober or not, in spite of Sighkey’s cautionary tale in yesterday’s comments.

Actually, Socktober has taken a slightly sad turn chez fibermom. As I came up to the heel of the second Log Cabin sock, I discovered that I had twisted one of the first cables in the wrong direction. As is always the case with knitting errors, I spent a little time in denial, trying to convince myself that a) no one would notice or b) I could fix it without frogging the whole thing, but by now the yarn is in a sad little pile and I am beginning again. Maybe one pair of socks will be enough for this Socktober.

My to-do list for today is very long, including shopping for clothes with the boys, helping with the madrigal costumes, a trip to the pumpkin patch, groceries, laundry, buying the fabric for The Princess’s gift, canning, baking, and sewing, as well as random errands and housework. I had intended to finish that second sock this weekend, but now it may not happen.

Probably there will be no dire consequences if it doesn’t.