It’s been exciting around here lately.

We got our first Request for Proposal. That really just means that we put in a lot of work and aren’t even the only company trying for the jobs, but it’s the first time we’ve ever been included. I also have my first client in Asia. I mean, I’ve worked for lots of Asian people, but this is an IT company in India and my bid was twice their budget. But I got the job,and must finish it up today.

Also, one of my developer clients had a brainstorm for a new tech thing he and I can do together. It’s one of those internet ideas that could make lots of money, or nothing at all. The web business is like that. We’ll see where that goes. I probably need to get advice on how to arrange to get some of the money if it makes a bunch.

I also have lots of ordinary new jobs coming in all the time, all of which are fun, and the education website is doing well — though again, it’s the sort of thing that could eventually make money but currently doesn’t. It is, however, a source of exciting work and adventures of various kinds.

Among them is my membership in the Google Earth Influencers group. we had an assignment a couple of weeks ago to make a KML. So far I have failed miserably. Mine either do nothing, or send me to the bottom of the ocean.

So today, once I grade a million papers and calculate the final grades for my eight week class, and finish the Indian IT job, and take care of my Aussies, I will learn how to do a KML correctly, if it kills me.

That’s the plan.