10After a day spent in linkbuilding and blogging, I ended the work week yesterday evening.

I helped #1 son get into his tuxedo and forced him to have his picture taken. He didn’t want us to go to the concert and told us that he intended to lip-sync and to leave as soon as his choir was through with their two songs, so we decided not to spend the money on  tickets. I regret this a little bit, actually. It seems sad that he sang in a concert with no family there to admire how sharp he looked, even if he was refusing to sing. We have a concert together in two weeks, though.

He’s a rotten chorister. He has excellent pitch, and a nice voice, too, so he has no excuse. Still, that meant that I was home instead of out at his concert.

 So I spent a bit of time cleaning up files. Deleting things. Moving archives to a jump drive. Organizing the desktop. I put on a desktop image to match my website and a new screensaver that rotates family photos. 10

I put the work from my workspace into its file folders, filed it, and closed the file box.

Having doen these things, I watched a DVD and knitted. The DVD was called “Romance on the High Seas.” I had it in my mind that this movie had Ginger Rogers in it. I was surprised that she didn’t dance, but I was mightily impressed with how much better she sang.

#1 son came in and informed me that the actress in question was Doris Day, not Ginger Rogers.

He was kind about it.

The DVD also included a cartoon and a singalong section. I love the idea of people in the theaters singing along 10together to the words on the screen. I think that I have a vague memory of this. Maybe when I was child people did it. I think there was a bouncing ball, and someone said, “Follow the bouncing ball.” It would make going to the movies seem like more of a corporate (that is, group) event. Maybe that would be good.

 I knitted the brown lace scarf. I’ve decided to add a Peacock’s Tail motif. You have to take my word for it, because this is lace, and therefore you can’t see anything.

Knitting lace is a matter of wrapping yarn around space in innovative ways. While you’re knitting, you only see the yarn. When you’re through, you stretch it out so that the space is visible,a nd it’s lovely. Till then, it’s a matter of faith.

I slept in this morning till nearly 8:00, a sure sign of exhaustion. However, any minute now I’ll wake up. As far as I know (I mislaid my calendar) I have no apppointments or meetings or anything like that today, and I am just in the mood to clean house. Which is a very good thing.