It’s a work day today: content for a website, SEO plan and probably a rewrite for another, and blogging for my Australians, as well as some Vine items to review and some work on FreshPlans.

Housework, too. #1 daughter has gone on to her new apartment, so the office should be shifted back to being an office, and it’s the end of Master Bath Week, and there’s just the usual amount of cleaning up and errands to be done.

The bikers are here in force, so the dogs were whining last night — not just our dogs, but the whole town’s dogs — plus the noise of the motorcycles. Makes it hard to sleep. Some people leave town, some stay home cursing the noise, but it’s also possible to embrace the whole thing, on the theory that noisy events are more fun for participants than for people who are just being kept awake by them.

I’ll try to think of that as the motorcycles rev outside my window.

The event is, in theory, for charity, but analysts claim that it generates only forty eight cents a head. It is also, in theory, good for the local economy, but the same analysts say it’s only good for the bars.

There’s a lot of music going on, though.