Yesterday was mostly a physical day. I took down sections of the wall (not the plaster and boards, but the things on the wall) and put them back up in more lovely, logical, and alluring ways.

I don’t do that very often nowadays. I’m at the store a couple of days a week, but I am not the manager of that store, and I am responsible for the computer stuff, so I do not usually presume to redo the walls. The manager wasn’t there, though, and the walls were looking very poor and pitiful, so I went ahead. No one stopped me.

There are things to be said for the process of bringing order from chaos. For one thing, in a store, it causes much more shopping to take place. People mostly shop from the areas that have just been rearranged, a fact which brings a pang because they are messing up the area we’ve just cleaned, but really it’s evidence that it was worth doing.

The Empress, during my report on my meeting with the computer person, said that we hadn’t yet seen any result from the computer work. I begged to differ, and told her that I believed it was one of the reasons we survived the move. Since she had recently confided that she was amazed that we had survived it, I would have thought that it was obvious that our online marketing was being effective. We do no other advertising. I also told her that if she didn’t think it was effective, we shouldn’t keep doing it. She said that, since we didn’t know what was working and what wasn’t, we had to keep doing everything, just in case.

The Guerilla Marketing guys say that many businesses that use websites for local marketing decide it’s not worth it and shut them down, only then to wonder where all their business has gone. And practitioners of the dark art of SEO (I like that phrase, Arkenboy) constantly complain that their clients have no appreciation of the value of their arcane work.

So that may have been why I chose to spend time doing something with visible results.

It is the last day for the kitchen on the HGP today, so I intend to spend some more time scrubbing the kitchen, and to rearrange cabinets and the pantry and all that. Visible results, you know. They don’t last any longer at home than in the shop, but there is the brief satisfaction of having everything as it should be.

I have a party this morning, and then #2 son’s gymnastics lesson, and the usual errands. There is a big hymn sing tomorrow afternoon. There ought to be time in there somewhere for reading and knitting or sewing, though it isn’t immediately obvious where that time will be. A nice walk, too, to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. And #2 daughter and I are collaborating on another writing contest, so I want to put some time into that as well. I also have homework to do. I had better get to it.

Enjoy your respective weekends, all!