We had a wine and chocolate tasting last night, presenting an opportunity for the web team to get together in the flesh and celebrate the launch of the latest site, and also getting some good pictures and footage for the chocolatier’s blog.

We were only partially successful in either of those goals, but it was a lot of fun.

We spent much of the morning trying to finish up a totally hopeless project, and then spent the afternoon shopping for wine and chocolate and decorating the house in Hallowe’en style.

Janalisa came over early to help us, and I put a Shepherd’s Pie (with sweet potato topping) in the oven and made a spinach and apple salad. The rest of the guests arrived and we ate and talked and drank a bit.

The Art Teacher and I talked shop all evening, though #2 daughter tried to stop us. It was interesting, though. And actually we did have some conversation about our families, and talked with other people some as well, so it wasn’t that bad.

Then #2 daughter went off with a young man and I finished the evening with a good book.

This morning, I made an apple and cherry fruit crisp with a granola topping, and a coffee cake. We had a bit and then went off to get our haircut, leaving the breakfast on the coffee table.

My husband had gone to work and #1 son went to Memphis for the weekend, so when we got home, the dogs had polished off a fine meal of coffee cake and fruit crisp.

We went downtown to walk and talk, and I brought back some nice tree and architecture pictures for you.

We got our business plan mostly whipped into shape.

Then we baked cookies, had a nice fish and spinach dinner, and #2 daughter returned to the Midwest, taking half the leftover wine and chocolate to make a good start on her next party.

Once again, I get to finish the evening with a good book.

This, CD says, proves that I’m an introvert. I may like to visit with other people, I may be talkative and vivacious in company, I may enjoy parties and gatherings, but then I want to be alone.

Extroverts may enjoy their own company, but after an extended spell of working alone, they feel the need to be with other people.

Whether you’re an E or an I in your Myers-Briggs inventory depends on what you turn to for refreshment, not what you think is fun.

Here’s our major competitor. Nice building, eh?

We stood on the sidewalk, #2 daughter and I, looking at it, and wondering whether we’d ever have that big a firm. Big enough, that is, to have a snazzy office over a jewelry store.

That’s as big as I’d ever want to be, personally. A small business is officially defined as a company making $1 million or less per year, and I don’t want to be bigger than that.

The girls don’t feel that it would be any problem to be bigger than that.

It can be good to have young people in your business.

The Art Teacher assured us that he’s having fun working with us, and is ready to take on more jobs. It was also clear that both he and I have been underestimating the time we need to spend on these jobs. #1 daughter bought QuickBooks and signed us up for Basecamp, and we refigured our costs for websites.

But we also played piano last night (CD did) and sang (#2 daughter and I did) and caught up on girl talk with the various ladies, and nothing done with chocolate and wine can really be considered work. The hopeless job continues to be just as hopeless as it was on Friday morning, so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow after church, plus of course the Aussies. But I’ve had some fun so far this weekend.